7 Months.

My first major loss.

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detached dɪˈtatʃt/Submit adjective 1. separate or disconnected, in particular:

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Dear Future Chichi

Dear future Chichi, Here's a few things You need to know if You want to be my one and only All my life...

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Letting My Red Heart Show

Another post by Paul on his blog! 😀
This made my day. Like, wow! 🙂

The Captain's Speech

It’s hard for me to explain how my brain works sometimes. The best way I can explain it is this: You know how in math class you always had to show your work, instead of just writing the final answer? Well, my brain often fast-forwards through the “show your work” part.

I go from Point A to Point L so quickly, that it’s hard for me to explain how I got there. I just know that I did and it makes sense to me.

Here’s what sparked this post:

I was just writing my third NHL team preview (which I put on hold in order to write this post) and in the introduction, I mentioned watching a sports montage. Don’t ask me why, but that triggered a thought about how I always tried to put my passions into my school assignments.

And when I was finally done going through that…

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We need to do this more often. When we do, the world all of a sudden looks different. We are surrounded by the beauty of nature but we are also confined by the bad/evil of the world. If we could all just pause, realise what is happening and then act upon it... maybe we will... Continue Reading →

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